Configure Whatsapp on PC for the First Time

Besides Blackberry messenger, Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded applications ever. In fact, Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that has been around for some time now, and it was available for pretty much any mobile operating system. As you can see, the application was meant for mobile use only.

At this point, with the right tools, we are able to install Whatsapp on PC, and use the application to stay in touch with our contacts and friends. There are a couple of steps you need to do before you are able to user Whatsapp on Windows or Mac. First of all, the application cannot be installed on a computer in the same manner as you install any other programs.


Well, you need the help of an Android emulator, a program that can connect all those great mobile apps with your computer. In this case, you can use Bluestacks. The first step is to download and install Bluestacks, and then you can start searching for Whatsapp to install the service on your personal laptop or desktop computer.

Next, you also need to start the configuration process. If you are already familiar with the mobile version, I am sure that you will not encounter any problems whatsoever. However, in the case this is your first time with Whatsapp on PC, let me just clarify a few things.

Launch the application and wait until it opens. Once you are in, you will have to let the application access your Google account. In the same time, you will have to type in your phone number and country where you live. The procedure is the same as in the case of the mobile alternative. I know that you are not going to use the application on a mobile, but still, you will need to provide a working phone number.


This will help you get verified, and you can also add contacts. The contacts aspect is a different matter. I know that Whatsapp on PC might seem to be quite similar to the mobile version, but here, contacts are not added automatically once you add your phone number. You will have to add them one by one.

Once you enter the verification message, and you launch the application once again, you will be able to make use of all of its benefits. First of all, as you probably know, you will have the possibility to send unlimited texts and messages. Next, you can share pictures, videos, or audio files. Whatsapp is suitable for those who cannot use the phone to talk, but, they have different carrier plans to send messages.

With Whatsapp on PC, you can also set statuses. Along with a profile picture, users are able to set statuses and share thoughts. In order to start a chat with anyone, simply tap on the compose button in the top right corner of your screen, write a message and select the respective contact. Alternatively, you can select the contact first, and then you can text or share a media file. Use Whatsapp in the best way you can, and stay in touch with your friends and family in a free manner.

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A Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5s Match

In fact, the iPhone 5S at first glance, looks virtually indistinguishable to the iPhone 5which means it is substantially smaller in relation to the Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5S will be much easier to use one-handed, thanks to its thin 2.31-inch width, and it is lighter (but not by much) at 3.95 ounces. In fact, the Galaxy S4 is just large enough technically to be called a phablet, since its display size falls within the 5-to-6.9-inch range we use to separate phablets from smartphones.

The screen of the Galaxy S4 also provides a much denser 441 pixels per inch over the 326 pixels per inch of the iPhone 5S. The PenTile pixel arrangement does not disturb me at all, although some people don’t like it on the Galaxy S4.


The iPhone 5S comes in 32GB, 16GB, and 64GB varieties, while a 64GB choice is lacked by the Galaxy S4. Although the Galaxy S4 has a microSD memory card slot underneath the battery cover that takes 64GB cards. Which means you can expand the internal storage of the S4, and it also gives you another alternative for transferring files back and forth to your own desktop computer.

The biggest questions surround Apple’s new A7 central processing unit, which can be the first 64-bit CPU to be seen in a cellphone, and can also be the first to have a dedicated motion coprocessor. There is no way to tell right now how it is going to perform next to the 1.9GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 central processing unit in the Galaxy S4.

There is also the iPhone 5S’s interesting fingerprint sensor, which, if designed right, will help it become much easier to unlock your phone and make iTunes purchases than it was. Additionally, the camera of the iPhone 5S gets some serious upgrades that look to challenge the 13-megapixel Galaxy S4’s camera, particularly in light of all of the characteristics Samsung added to the camera and video recording programs of that phone. The Galaxy S4 has its nifty hardware features too, including NFC and a removable battery along with the aforementioned memory card slot.

Another huge piece of this narrative is iOS 7, which will come preloaded on all iPhone 5S handsets, and takes on some of the better characteristics of Android. Part of every comparison is going to need to take into consideration the differences between iOS 7 and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which the Galaxy S4 comes preloaded with. iOS 7 will be accessible to existing iOS device owners as a free upgrade, starting Sept. 18.

Either way, it is going to be an exciting holiday season for smartphone buyers. It will be interesting to see how these two mobiles stack up once we get our hands on the iPhone 5S for the full review. Stay tuned.


Apple just announced the phone’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, and the commentary is flying. How is that fingerprint sensor going to work in actual life? And most the iPhone 5S compare to present smartphones that are leading?

We can help a bit out with the latter issue. We’ve come up with a spec comparison that reveals the iPhone 5S side by side with what is, in our opinion, the finest Android phone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The iPhone 5S is going to do absolutely nothing to alter your mind, if an Android loyalist already you. All signs are that it’s a refinement of everything. Oh, and you can get one in gold.


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Start a Good Conversation Using Proper Pick Up Lines

I know that most of you might find it difficult to start a real conversation with an unknown girl out of the blue. It is hard to find the right words especially when you do not have the courage to introduce yourself. For this, the best alternative you have is to use some of the best cheesy pick up lines in order to break the ice in the beginning.

Funny pick up lines were designed to help those men who find it difficult to express themselves when talking with girls. Actually, there are meant to loosen up the tension when you introduce yourself. Therefore, you can always use some funny pick up lines to make  girls laugh while you start the actual conversation.

Fortunately, if you are not the kind of person who makes up a pick up line on the moment, you have plenty of sources to consult. Actually, there are many web pages that display numerous funny pick up lines as well as cheesy pick up lines. You can browse some of these pages, and search for the lines that are more suitable for your own personality. After all, not every man can use those cheesy pick up lines to pick up a girl.

In fact, you need the right attitude for the pick up lines you want to say. Sometimes, it is better for you to stick to the standard joke because this is a sure way to make a girl laugh. If you surpass some boundaries with some rude pick up lines, you might encounter some problems. I know that girls are quite sensible and they might easily feel offended when a boy says a rude pick up line.

With the best cheesy pick up lines, you need to have the best attitude. In fact, the man has to have a high level of confidence and an increased sense of humor. If you do not actually mean what you say, the girl will make fun of you and you will gain any result.

Saying a pick up line means only the beginning of the conversation and this is the easiest thing to do. Afterwards, you will have to maintain the discussion by dealing with different topics, depending on the play they are at the time, and on the type of person you are talking to. After all, each girl is different and she needs a different approach. When you find a middle way, you will see that the conversation will flow as expected. However, the most important thing is to always be yourself since girls appreciate honest and sincere men.

In case you need help, you have the opportunity to search for some exciting Cydia apps that can be a real support for those of you who want to know new people. The purpose of all those Cydia apps is to connect people sharing the same interests in a determinate location. In this way, you have the possibility to find similar matches in your own areas. Next, you can easily test your best cheesy pick up lines on random girls.

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IPhone 4G.

10Every occasionally a ground-breaking product arrives that changes everything. It is very lucky if you’re able to focus on only one of those in your profession.. Apple’s been quite lucky because it is launched a handful of those. – Steve Jobs.

There are numerous iPhone 4G gossips concerning the specs of the telephone, Apple iPhone 4G Verizon (i.e., these iPhones may probably be effective at operating to the Verizon system) and also the possible functionality outcomes. Nevertheless, no-one can illustrate outcomes of the operation unless people really begin applying this latest scientific progress from Apple, Inc. Individuals all over the world are anticipating the official launch of the Iphone 4, also informally called the iPhone 4G. It’s the apparatus within the chain, beat by the iPhone 3GS. Individuals have a perception the Iphone 4G is planning to be published too early, contemplating the current release of its own prior version, the iPhone 3GS. It’s time to have a look at what’s actually being talked about the iPhone 4G’s launch date, cost and up-to-date and additional attributes.

IPhone 4G Launch Day.

The iPhone 4G preorder procedure was organized to be kept on June 15, 2010. But, because of the overwhelming reaction from customers, those attempting to preorder the 4 via on-line Apple shops faced problems throughout the procedure. The need was as much that just within the first 24-hours of the beginning of the Apple, procedure and its companion service companies got 600, 000 preorders. The Iphone 4G is definitely going to be obtainable in 5 states following its launching on 24th June, 2010. The nations of iPhone 4 launch contain United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Germany, and Portugal.

IPhone 4G Features.

Within the brand new iPhone 4G, you’ll find several characteristics which were improved and others which were added completely for the apparatus. It today houses a front-facing video camera which could be utilized for video talking. The photograph capturing camera in the rear can also be, altered, together with the lens being somewhat larger compared to the preceding iPhone 3GS version. It now includes an LED display for effective lighting to photos. The silence, volume control and power outdoor handles have all eliminated steel, which provides a wealthier look to the iPhone 4.

It’s merely 9.33 millimeters thick, that’s somewhat 24% slimmer than its predecessor. A fresh show attribute called the ‘retina show’ has been integrated, which has around four times as much pixels than that seen in the 3GS. Currently the enhanced battery life provides approximately seven hours of 3G talk-time (about a 40% boost in the prior design), 10 hours of the movie, and 40 hours of audio playback.

Along with this, it actually provides approximately ten hours on WiFi and six hours of 3G exploring, and 300 hours of complete life time. The sole disadvantage of the Iphone 4 is it only comes with 16 GB and 32 GB of information storage capability, with understanding the reality of just how much memory HD movies can eat. During video calls, the Face-time function allows the user to shift between both cameras. You may modify them with proper programs and also record HD movies, to the Iphone 4. Using the remarkable five-megapixel camera, graphics should be superior and well-defined on the 3.5inch glowing display.

IPhone 4G Cost.

Thinking about the complex and updated attributes within the iPhone 4G, the cost is quite less, using a contract although. While the 16 GB 1 at $ 199, the 32 Gigabyte version is meant to be offered at $ 299. The cost of the Apple iPhone 3GS is reduced to merely $99 with a deal. These believing to purchase the iPhone 3GS may wait and get an improved edition, with the same cost you’re prepared to purchase the 3GS.

For your most recent info concerning the providers, payment plans, and launch; it is a good idea to see your neighborhood Apple shop. Before the start of Iphone 4G small could be stated concerning the operation and client satisfaction.

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Best IPhone 4 Cases

7Whether deliberate or not, if you’re the kind of person who will play dropsy by means of your iPhone 4 over you should, then the hard instance is really a sensible option for you.

A hard-shell case, such as the iLuv Clear Case, is a great alternative since it provides exceptional protection for your own iPhone, notably from falling or bumping your telephone. Should you end up bumping or falling the telephone the hard-shell can provide you more assistance with shock absorption. Difficult cases supply excellent protection for your rear and sides of your own telephone and you will normally utilize a screen guard to shield the touch screen from scratches.

The iLuv version is, just like the title implies, a case having a hard-shell. The semi – clear materials of the case keep your Apple symbol to the rear part of your own telephone visible through the case if you need the world to understand that you are the happy proprietor of an established iPhone 4.

This case is produced of acrylic and actually supplies the protection you’ll need from everyday usage. Additionally, it has a protecting film that retains your display clear and secure from scrapes or other harm.

You’ll find three color options for you to select from, which provides the case that added ‘wow factor’ and views to it your telephone stands out of the bunch. Select from simple black, white or hot-pink.

True is the best in style and it featuring clear, clean lines.

It snaps directly on to your own iPhone, making setup simple and simple. The attribute provides your iPhone 4 so the instance is prepared to take in the planet in seconds a close fit.

They have a tendency to reveal fingerprints and streaks more readily than various other substances, while difficult cases are fine. This difficulty is resolved by just cleaning the case clean using a solution on your iPhone 4 which includes iKlear Cleaning Kit.

The clear, simple yet fashionable appearance of the case provides a minimalistic approach to you to guarding your cellphone, without seeking low priced or substandard. It’s an extremely classy-looking case that’s practical and lasting.

You have the complete protection you’ll need within a simple to utilize, snap on style, dynamic coloured portable case. It is a fundamental, easy, light-weight case that seems traditional and vibrant, without diminishing the appearance of the iPhone 4.

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Smartphone Vs iPhones

Smartphones and iPhone both will be the novel launch for communicating, besides having a galore of attributes. Smart-phone has changed the transporting of the mobile phone in addition to a PDA individually as its all-in-one device. It’s up-to the person to apply it like an organizer, a mobile phone, an e-mail system, or something above it.

While iPhone has caught the focus like never-before, any program or applications declares its existence within the Smart phone and guarantees of executing everything a telephone doesn’t do, and consequently are warmer. This is really the device features web searching along with an apparatus, listening to audio and communicating. This really is thought to be special because it provides media experiences of higher amounts.


While the latter has surfaced like a block-buster iPhone evaluation is fascinating, but, the Smart-phone platform is actually quite powerful, but can’t overcome iPhone in a brief period of interval. Smart phones must wait patiently and manage smartly without fancying the techniques only as iPhones also appear to be showing.

Commercials have been made by Verizon Droid ensuring night-shots, a real keyboard, compatible batteries, customization and open development system. Using the specs mentioned, Droid works Android 2.0, and it is the quickest Smart-phone, nevertheless is a bit heavier than iPhone 3G. This Smart-phone provides a high resolution 3.75inch screen, turn-by-turn Google Maps routing (at least in beta check), a slip-out keyboard, use of Amazon’s Music shop plus a 5 mega-pixel camera. To the flip side the many program applications doesn’t be featured by the android platform such as the iPhone.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 3GS includes a 3.5inch touchscreen, access to Apple’s popular iTunes songs, video and program shop, an electronic compass and a 3 mega-pixel digicam. It operates over a fast 600MHz PROCESSOR with 256MB MEMORY providing fast providers.

Droid is really a Smart mobile providing the earned web experience while iPhone needed to include the Expensive technology in addition to AJAX to achieve for the amounts of progress of its own opponents. Droid is not capable of as iPhone supplying as many programs, but lately, more applications in addition to games to the Android system are attaining extreme popularity. Likewise, even though the iPhone includes numerous preinstalled applications, there isn’t much of an indicator of a characteristic called VOIP – Voice-over IP. Meanwhile, installing applications on iPhone isn’t possible like that ones which on Smart-phone you can really do it, which is really one of the greatest gurus for smartphones.

The browser is really well forward than Smart-phone and helps loading sites so that it enables zooming fast and provides full view. The managing can be better than to any Smart-phone accessible on the marketplace. IPhone functions simple shots using two hands to move in or away that it actually makes a critical difference in browsing the internet to the telephone, besides iPhone also registers when the telephone will be handled flat and flips the screen relating to that providing ease of seeing for the consumer. Smart-phone has an inferior resolution display while iPhone has 4GB, compared to a storage device plus the iPhone is for 2GB and above.

There isn’t any question that iPhone has a great touch, but is costly and Smart phones will also be the option of several for the applications services and is relatively more affordable.

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IPad 2 Keyboard Case

idevicesIpad 2 keyboard case became ever more popular due to their capability to iPad feel and look of a notebook, helping to make some users; therefore their primary computer. The very first relates to the demand for an ipad 2 computer keyboard case reasons. Now, the touch screen keyboard is an amazing iPad function, but also for many users, the kind widely used, it simply cannot keep pace together with the typing. Sort text at a meeting or your craft lots of long, complex email, then you’ll understand the touch screen, can be rough, should you often make use of the Web application.


Usage of most of the controls and ports.

Simple to put up, plug and play, 90 hours working time.

Right-side shift button for efficient and quick typing.

Durable synthetic leather cover protects your iPad 2 however you like.

Adjustable stand securely holds your iPad 2 in landscape mode.

Bluetooth keyboard produces wireless operation and comprises iPad 2 particular keys.

It features a magnetic closure, which made the case holder appears trendy and so fashionable.

While providing complete protection for your iPad 2 display it merely opens such as a book.

Integral 450mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that’ll last many weeks of ordinary use.

It includes a keyboard that seamlessly connects with the 2 for a much more comfortable and quicker typing.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard iPad folding leather case may be the least expensive keyboards and consumer review site received great consumer reviews. This perhaps not only provides convenient connectivity to the keyboard with wireless Bluetooth compatibility, additionally, it provides a compact design, is adaptable in nature, it’s an ideal motorists accessory. Also contains an iPad case, will stay as a notebook to utilize the support gear.

Durable leather is a complicated and appealing appearance, casing and keyboard combination within an ideal structure for an individual. It’s also possible to have the skill within this case, the angle function to supply the pleasure, as a display enabling using the 2 itself and set it up, your perspective, is comfy, along with the amount of your own eyes. In this method, you may no longer have to bend on the desk to the tablet; your input can be even seen by its units.

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The Easiest Way to Jailbreaking Your Overall IPhone 4s

iPhone Jailbreak AppsLots of iPhone customers around the earth have decided to jailbreak the 4S. People, together with the program might utilize the Jailbreaking applications. Nevertheless, some clients scared to work with all the apparatus. Nothing is for you to really problem in terms of jailbreaking your iPhone, just because jailbreaking it might grow the attributes in their device. Jailbreaking the iPhone implies that people foster the limits pressed regarding the customer by just Apple Inc. The chief purpose behind task jailbreak occurs because Apple prohibits styles, applications together with plug-ins.

Apple promises your iPhone 4s jailbreaks to have damaged for that the reason why that scheme of Jailbreak May demand your further place of the iOS kernels where held primarily by Apple. It does not abandon this Telephone exposed to hackers, when people choose the proper Jailbreak Strategy. Individuals might have the ability to install the special security applications that increase the balance related to an iPhone. The real Jailbreak Software creates the ipsw firmware on your iOS iPhone Variant regarding distinctive alternative. This lately present firmware is really 5.0.1. Individuals may easily regain iPhone 4s by way of iTunes when using ipsw firmware by keeping them within DFU function. This computer software finishes the genuine iPhone 4s jailbreaking process only from the installing of this ipsw firmware. The genuine ipsw firmware changed by the procedure of Jailbreak, hence women and men can utilize the 3rd collecting tools as well as programs which then tied to Apple.


There are numerous Jailbreak Applications for jailbreaking this iPhone Apparatus. This iJailbreak device would be the applications that useful to Jailbreak an excellent iPhone, iPod, etc. This computer software utilised only for jailbreaking the iPhone Gear, which maybe not actually help for open. They have currently the real prices prepare which provides your daily life time admittance for the standard membership area which comprises applications get backlinks too as directions. The item assists your iOS firmware versions using the iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone features elevated prices compared to iPod contact. It actually is an excellent fast and simple process. People can definitely get your own applications, following needing to settle the money. Persons might have the ability to Jailbreak this iPhone 4s with the Assistance of the particular applications. This can enable the genuine unlimited utilization of the functions and contains much more features. This sort of applications could be gotten in an inexpensive cost. Furthermore, it maintains the newest iPhone, iPod contact, iPod 2, as an example. The real inexpensive Jailbreak for iPhones could be found online. The genuine unlock your iPhone now’s also the genuine affordable computer software. This sort of applications assists this selection of iPod besides iPhone Models and firmware. Additionally, it assists the newest iOS firmware. It got the genuine Jailbreak Services are also unlocked by and. It’s simple to modify alongside use nearly all newest firmware. Concerning the Writer.

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Selecting the Absolute Best IPad Cases

Getting bought an Apple strategy is actually a privilege. Few people grow to purchase them, because of its fantastic cost. Since you are privileged to possess one, it’s your consider keeping it in great shape. It should be enveloped by the best case, to help guarantee that it remains safe from falls and keep your iPad or iPad2 from scrapes. Just in case you’re still not necessarily acquainted with your Apple accessories, here are excellent hints regarding the way to pick the finest iPad cases.

To begin with, the casing must function as the exact sized the iPad. It has to cover the entire iPad in order to block it from scratches or breaks. In case the case is just too little, how could it cover the gadget? How would the iPad fit in case the case is just too big?

Most Wanted Logo Apple Apps

The texture with all the casing comes next. Probably, the very finest casing that could be recommended for iPads could function as the leather casing. A good example of this could be the Cygnett Folio. This casing appears such as a novel as a result of it covers the iPad from front to rear. It will not merely give a classic yet fashionable design, leather is recognized because of its durability. Additionally, leather cases are soft. This may best protect your iPad from drops. However, leather cases are expensive though the protection it offers is perhaps not any wonder astonishing.

Picking rubber as a substitute may do the important thing, should you believe it’s possible to no more manage a leather casing. One rubberized iPad casing to satisfy your requirements will function as the Marware MicroShell iPad 2 Case. One reason for dropping your iPad is inadvertently bumping it when set to the dining table. Rubber prevents the iPad from slipping and sticks to any surface. It’s cheaper, and it has other colors to select from.

Some iPad Cases May come having a closure. This method extends to become very advantageous for lowering and simple rising with the Case, yet the close may also be disadvantageous towards the gadget. It might damage hard disk of one’s iPad and might even cause the malfunctioning from your gadget. It could be wise to pick an iPad casing using a zipper closure compared to customary magnetized one for protection.

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Top Cydia Tweaks for Notification Center

As you know, Cydia Store is a limitless source for apps and tweaks. Here, you can find basically everything you need such as Cydia apps, tweaks, themes, games and extensions.

With the help of this third party app store, you can customize your device completely while you add extra features and increased performance. In what concerns the NotificationCenter, Cydia Store offers a wider variety of useful apps and tweaks for you to customize it as you please. You can get useful tweaks and interesting jailbreak widgets for your iOS NotificationCenter. Here, I want to show you some of the most notable tweaks you can find within Cydia Store designed for the purpose of customization the NotificationCenter.

Top Cydia Tweaks for Notification Center

If you find yourself launching multiple apps at once, you will notice at the end of the day that you have multiple apps running in the background. In this respect, all running apps might consume memory, which turns your device slower. With the help of WeeKillBackground tweak, you will be able to close all apps with a single tap of a finger. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo, and it is free of charge. You can give it a try to see how things work.

The second Cydia tweak I want to add to my list is the Notification Center Enhancer. This tweak allows you to see up to 11 lines from your incoming text messaging, compared to the limit of four in the standard iOS settings. In this way, you will not have to open the message to see the rest of it. It works both for emails and for MMS. The app is available also in the BigBoss repo, and it costs $0.99.

The third useful app for the NotificationCenter is the Favorite Contacts widget. This particular widget offers you a quicker access to your iPhone’s phone book. In this way, you will be able to see all contacts assigned for the speed dial function. You will also get the photo of each contact as well as some personal information. If you are interested in purchasing this tweak, it can be found in the BigBoss repo, one of the default Cydia sources and it costs $1.00.

The last widget useful for the NotificationCenter enhancement is the Music Center. This is designed for those of you who enjoy listening music on their devices. In the same time, the widget allows you have full control over various controls such as Play, Pause, Store or Next Song. In addition, you will be able to see all information concerning the particular song such as song title, album or artist. Also in the BigBoss repo, the widget costs $1.49.

Customize your Notification center in the way you need it and add more features with a simple Cydia download. You can increase performance and utility while you gain more accessibility.

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